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    KSEW Tenders

    Organization Name

    Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works Ltd

    Address Dockyard Road West Warf Karachi
    City Karachi
    Tel No. 021-9214018, 9214045-64
    Fax No. 021-9214020, 9214030
    Receipt No 163433
    Tender No FP1405
    Description KSEW invites tender for Hydraulic Press “C/H? Type Capacity: 300 Tons
    Advertisement Date 31/5/2022
    Closing Date 1/7/2022
    Closing Time 10:00:00 AM
    Opening Time 11:00:00 AM
    Tender Documents VIEW DOCUMENTS
    Estimated Cost
    Tender Nature National
    Earnest Money
    Bid Validity
    Bid/Tender Document Cost



    TOTAL MARKS———————————–100
    QUALIFYING MARKS—————————-70
    Details and marks breakdown are as follows:

    S.No. Description Numbers
    As Per KSEW Tender Specifications 50
    02 Make / Principal 03
    03 Origin 02
    04 Part List /Essential Spares List 05
    05 Spares Certificate to ensure availability of spares up to 15 years 05
    06 Original Catalogue 05
    07 Manual 05
    08 Commissioning by OEM Rep 05
    09 Technical Literature /OEM Certificates 05
    10 Supplier Warranty / Guarantee for 12 Month (Form attached) 03
    11 OEM Warranty / Guaranty 03
    12 Pro-Forma Invoice (Technical & Commercial) 03
    13 Delivery Period (not be more than 60 Days including shipping time) 03
    15 Validity Period more than 90 Days (from the Commercial / Financial opening date) 03
    TOTAL 100
    Special Note:
    OEM Standard warranty / Guarantee is required.
    Supplier warranty / Guarantee for 12 months is to be provided for supplied items besides OEM warranty / guarantee as per enclosed format (Supplier Warranty Form). In case, supplier warranty /guarantee is not provided, after will be required. Moreover, if same is not applicable for certain type of items, detailed justification to be provided.
    Lowest Evaluated Bidder (LEB) will be determined on Landing Cost i.e. (Cost of items +Freight) Ex-work and CFR basis Karachi basis.
    Suppliers / Firms are to give Quotation Ex-Work and CFR Karachi basis. The Ex-work cost of items & Freight should be mentioned separately. In case of not mentioning the Freight separately, it will be presumed that Suppliers / Firms have included freight in the cost of items.
    Transshipment is not allowed.
    Shipment should be containerized.
    Certificate conforming that the firm / supplier has quoted for all items is to be included in technical quotation / offer, otherwise offer may be rejected.
    Quotation must be on Ex-work and CFR basis any other terms will not be acceptable.
    If tender is accepted, supplier is liable to submit the 02% earnest money and 05% Performance Bank Guarantee of total quoted value. Earnest money and Performance Bank Guarantee is to be submitted in two phases as mentioned below:
    First Phase: 02% earnest money shall be submitted within 07 days by the successful bidder after opening of commercial offer. In case of failure, token earnest money i.e. Rs. 200,000/- will be forfeited and case shall be awarded either to very lowest bidder or re-tendered.
    Second Phase: 05% Performance Bank Guarantee shall be submitted within 10 days after issuance of Purchase Order. If supplier fail to submit 05% performance bank guarantee within given time, thus supplier’s 02% earnest money will be forfeited and purchase order will be cancelled subsequently necessary disciplinary action will also be taken against the firm as per PPRA Rules.
    Payment Terms:
    Payment will be made through irrevocable L/C at sight
    Please mention the following in your quotation.
    Port of Loading/Airport.
    Complete Bank Detail with IBAN number.
    Warranty/ Guarantee if any.
    Delivery period.
    Validity period.


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