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    GEPCO Tenders Informative  Notifications



        INVITATION FOR BIDS                

    Sealed Tender STG-Tender No.CE/DEV/GEPCO/PMU/T&G 2022-23/NCB-STG-T&P-16 for supply of following items on single stage two envelope basis are invited from Registered / Prequalified firms with DISCOs/NTDC/WAPDA/GENCOS&PEPCO or authorized dealers / manufacturers / suppliers, as per Specifications / drawings without any element of foreign exchange and for free delivery (FCS) at Dy: Manager Ware House GEPCO Wazirabad. Tender will be received upto half an hour before Tender opening time and will be opened in public on date and time mentioned as under.

    Tender No. LOT  No. DESCRIPTION Make Tender      Qty. (No.)                Amount of Bid Guarantee Required (PKR.) Tender opening date Time
    Bid Submi-ssion Bid Opening
    NCB-STG-T&P-16 I Cuffing Hoist 1-1/2 Ton.    Country Origin of Make Japan/ USA / Europe Provide the sample of each size alongwith Bid 10 100,000 06.10.2022 10.30 AM 11.00 AM
    Cuffing Hoist  05-Ton.               10
    Cuffing Hoist 3-Ton                  10
    II Chain Pulley Block 1.5 Ton.                             06 25,000
    Chain Pulley Block 3-Ton.                               06
    III 50-Ton Manual Hydraulic Press Machine (Portable)

    for Conductor having area 95mm2, 120mm2, 240mm2, 500mm2, 516.86mm2, 226.17mm2.

    Country Origin of Make Japan/ USA / Europe 06 200,000


    1 Single stage-two envelope procedure will be adopted for the tender process. Bid shall comprise of a single package containing two separate envelopes. Each envelope shall contain separately sealed financial proposal and technical proposal . Envelopes shall be marked as “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL” and “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” in bold and legible letter to avoid confusion.
    2 Tender documents can be obtained from the office of undersigned after payment of Rs.5000/- tender (non refundable) in the office of Manager (CA) GEPCO H/Q upto a day before tender opening date.
    3 The bid shall remain valid for acceptance for 150 days from the tender opening date. Bid must accompany above mentioned Bid Guarantee/CDR valid for 180 days issued by any Scheduled Bank of Pakistan on specified Proforma alongwith Sales Tax Registration Certificate.
    4 The bid guarantee should be enclosed in the technical proposal envelope.
    5 Conditional tender or tender without Bid Guarantee will not be accepted.
    6 Bids received after the prescribed time and date shall be rejected.
    7 For further details /information contact undersigned on any working days during office hours.




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                                                                                                                               GEPCO LTD. GUJRANWALA

                                                                                                                               Ph # 055-9200598, 9200593

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