Repair and Maintenance Work Repair/Maint/Rehab of Ext Water etc…. 6000-PPRA/08/E-6

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    MES Tenders Informative notification


    The office of GE (A) Services. Aziz Bhani Road Quetta Cantt invites sealed tenders for the


    Ser Name of works Approx Cost
    a Repair / Maint / Rehab of Ext Water Sup Pipe Line at diff loc at Ota Cantt Rs 3.315 M
    Repair / Maint / Repl of Defective Parts of TWs Turbine Motor Pump for Diff roc at Ota Cants Rs 2.837 M
    ‘ Repair / Maint / Repl of Defective parts of Ma diff loc at Ota Can


    Rs. 2.887 M
    d.    Repair / Maint of Tfrs of diff loc at Ma Gantt Rs 3.564 M
    e.    Repair / Maint of Damaged Sew Line diff loc at Ota Cans Rs. 3.582 M
    f.  Repair / Maint of Walls, Rd & patch works diff loc at ate Cann Rs 3 273 M

    2            The Contractors are required to submit their applications to GE (Army) Services Quetta for

    issuance of tender documents alongwith their complete credentials at Ser 7 The applications shall be scrutinized and the tender documents will only be issued to the firms who have sufficient experience in the relevant field and satisfy other special conditions required for the job and area Tenders will only be issued to the scrutinized contractors The tender must be received in the office of accepting officer by 1130 hrs on  I() nd- 2;022 and will be opened in the office of GE (A) Services Quetta at 1200 his on the same date_

    3          All Contractors will certify in writing that they are registered with Pakistan Engineering Council

    (PEC) and will submit a copy of their registration. Contractors not registered with PEC are ineligible to apply

    4            Contactors Born on approved list of MES in categories ‘C’, ‘0’ and ‘E’ also having experience

    of this type should only apply

    5         The accepting officer reserves the right to accept or reject the tender Rejected tenders will be

    dean with as per Para 33(1) of PPRA Rules.

    6          The interested parties can contact GE (A) Services Quetta I authorized representative for

    further details from 0830 to 1500 hrs on all working days.

    XEN  Svcs Ota (Hassan ,aved)

    Stir    Name of exocutod                      Amount                Time                    Data of                 Data of             %age
    07.      during last two years       of Works (Rs)     allowed In    Commencement   Completion      progress

               and presently in hand                                             months                                                                     of  work

    in hand



    GE (A) Svcs Qta

                                                                       ( Hassan Javed )







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