Directorate of Procurement (Navy), Islamabad – 09/02/2023

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    D P 2 


    1. The deadline for acceptance of Tender No. 2114324/R-2101/340494 is 1030 hours on 08 Mar 2023, and the opening time is 1100 hours. Please drop the tender in Tender Box No 204.  
    2. You are requested to please use this Performa for a price quotation, fill in the prices, affix your stamp on the same, sign it and forward it in original as your Commercial offer along with the covering letter of your firm. If you do not use this form as a price quotation your offer might be rejected. 
    3. You are requested to please attach DP-1 and DP-3 along with your quotation duly signed & stamped. 



    1. OEM-certified stores to be acceptable on DPL-15. 
    2. Firm/Supplier shall provide correct and valid E-mail and Fax No. to CINS and DP(N). Supplier/contracting firm shall either provide OEM conformance certificate to CINS or is to be E-mailed to CINS under intimation to DP (NAVY) at E-mail address, Hardcopy of COC must follow in any case through courier. On receipt, CINS shall approach the OEM for verification of the conformance certificate issued by the OEM. Companies/firms rendering false OEM conformance certificates will be blacklisted. 
    3. Inspection to be carried out by CINS. 
    4. Marking on the package as per specs NS/MISC/002/80 must be legible. Packing of fragile stores to be marked with appropriate international symbols. 
    5. Quoted firm must participate in all 08 x items. 
    6. Firm will submit an affidavit that the original earnest money is attached with a commercial offer in a separate envelope and a copy of the same is attached with a technical offer. 
    7. Firm will comply with/confirm all IT clauses on its technical offer and original technical offer on the firm‟s letterhead pad along with DP-1, DP-2 & DP-3 duly signed and stamped on each page are required in DUPLICATE.  


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