Misc Items /Works TC E&M Ext.. 6004/58/E-6

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    MES Tenders informative notifications

    MES Tenders informative notifications


    Asstt Garrison Engr (Army)

                                                                                                    Chhor                              Cantt
    Tele      Mil                      6060
    No: 6004/   58                /E-6


    To:             Public Procurement Regularity Authority (PPRA) (,/(
    FBC Building 1st Floor
    Near State Bank Sector G-5/2 Islamabad Nov 2022

    Subj:        Publication of Tender Notice on PPRA Website (www.ppra.orq.pk)

    1.            Please arrange publication of the att NOTICE OF TENDER on PPRA website.
    2.           Necessary payment in this regard will be made as per PPRA rules.


    Encls: As above                                                                                                                                                          XEN                                                                                                                                                                                                AGE (Army)chhor

                                                                                                                                                 (Syed Ali Raza Shah)



    Tender of Notice

    1. Application are invited by AGE (Army) Chhor within 15 days of Advertisement for issue of
    tender for the under mentioned works at Chhor. Tender will only be issued to the scrutinized Contractor /firm. The tender must reach AGE (Army) Chhor (accepting Officer) at 1130 hrs on 28 Nov 2022. And will be opened on 28 Nov 2022 at 1200 hrs:-

    Ser                            Name of Works
    a.             TC E&M Ext Elect Supply at Chhor Cantt
    b.            TC E&M Internal / External Water Supply at Chhor Cantt
    c.             Bazar Supply of Material B&R Items Under AGE (A) Chhor Cantt

    2. Firms/ Contractor who are enlisted with MES in categories A, B, C & D may apply for said works.
    3. Firms/ Contractor not borne on approved list of MES will furnish their application along with statement of previous experience, giving details of works executed during last two years and those in hand, on proforma appended below:-

    Ser        Name of              Amount            Time                Date of                     Date of                        % age
    Works /             of Work            Allowed         Commencement         Completion            progress
    Supply                  (Rs)                    in                                                                                        of works

    Contracts                                       Months                                                                                   in Hand &

    executed                                                                                                                                          Supply of

    during last                                                                                                                                         Material

    two year and

    in hand

    4. Firms/Contractor not register with Pakistan Engineering Council will not be considered for issue of tender documents.
    5. Desirous Contractor may be present at the time of opening to tenders.
    6. The accepting officer reserves the right to accept or reject the tender. Rejected tender will
    be dealt with as per PPRA Rules Para 33 (1) of 2004. Incomplete applications shall not be

    4. Details of work can be obtained from this office on any working day from 0900 to 1400 hours. If required.
    5. The same tenders are also available on 5. http://www.ppra.org…/.,.pk.

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