Miscellaneous Work Required Recycling of HT/LT Mixed Damaged Winding Scrap etc… 250/22 to 254/22

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    MEPCO Tenders Informative Notification

    MEPCO Tenders Informative Notification



    I Annual Contract for Recycling of HT/ IT Mixed Damaged Winding Scrap into New Enamel Copper Wire 1 Paper Cover Copper Strips of different sizes for Reclarnatiun Workshops under MEPCO for the F.Y. 2022-2023.

    The following Scaled and super-scribed invitation of bids under MEPCO are invited by adopting the Single Stage, One Envelop bidding procedure for Annual Contract regarding Recycling of Mixed Damaged HT/ ur Copper Winding Copper Scrap including paper insulation into New Copper Enameled Wire and New Paper Covered Copper Strips for Reclamation of Damaged Distribution Transformers as per MEPCO requirement in accordance with WAPDA Specification Amended to date “As Is where is ” basis from the Registered / Pre-qualified firms with any DISCOS / NTDC I WAPDA / PEPCO having sound track record for supplying the Enameled Copper Wire & Paper Covered Copper Strips. as per WAPDA specitications and for free pick & drop at concerned Regional Stores / TRWs of MEPC.O. The quoted rates must be in local currency withoutinvolving foreign exchange clement inclusive of all taxes & duties and exclusive of General Saks tax.

    iSr No. Tender Number Last Date of Purchase of tender Documents Last Date & Time of submission of Tenders Opening Date & Time of Tenders
    [   01 250/22 to 254/22 24.10.2022 25.10.2022 (11:0011rik 25.10.2022 (11:3011ro).    ,



    Tender No. Description Qty. in  Kg WAPDA/PEPCO  Specification
    250/22 Recycling of Mixed Damaged I IT I ur Copper Winding Scrap in to New

    Paper Covered Copper Strips of different sizes.

    80,000 145-4653-11. 1970

    Amended to chue

    251/22 Recycling of Mixed Damaged ITT I LT Copper Winding Scrap in to New Enameled Copper Wire 0.6mm size. 30.000 BS-1516 Pan -1 1969
    Arnaldo/ to date
    252/22 Recycling of Mixed Damaged ITT / Li’ Copper Winding Scrap in to New

    Enameled Copper Wire of 0.8mm sizes..

    50,000 11.$-016 Pat -1 1960
    Anuadea te date
    253/22 Recycling of Mixed Damaged ILT / IT Copper Winding Scrap in to New Enameled Copper Wire 1.1mm (100-KVA).

    Recycling of Mixed Damaged HT / LT Copper Winding Scrap in to New

    Enameled Copper Wire I.5mm (200-KVA).

    05-4516 Pan -1 1969
    Amended to date

    05-016 Pan -I 1916{)
    Amended to date



    The tenders will be opened publically rn presence of bidders or their representatives who wish to attend on above mentioned date & unit in the office of Manager (MM) MEPCO Head Quarter Mumma, Road. Malian. The cost of each tender form is Rs. 2000/• (Non-refundable). Tender Form can be obtained personally from the office of Manager (MM) MEPCO Mad Quarter Khanewal Road, Multan against cash payment of tender fee before the opening dam during &lice hours on the production of prequalificationkegistration, sales tax registration ceniticate and other required documents,proof No tender form will be issued on the tender opening date. The tender will be received half an hour before the above scheduled date and time and will he opened oa the scheduled date and time.

    Bid Steurity/Gtmrantee CO 02% of the quoted price/value in shape of Deposh•at•Call. Bank Drell, Poy Order & Did Guarantee issued by any scheduled dank or Pakistan or W APDA Bearer Ronda valid for 150 days after the opening date of tender in favour of Chief Executive Officer MEPCO Multan must accompany with the Rid by the bidders, otherwise Bid will be rejected The conditional tender will not be ‘accepted. All rights are reserved. This advertisement is also available on MF.PCO & PPRA websites at http://www.mepcocom.pk & peri org.pk respectively. Ridding documents can she be download from nu,. inepeo,compli free of cost



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