Sugar NZ-I & Sugar NZ-II Purchase of Sugar NZ-I & Sugar NZ-II 21-0879-4-0 (FOR)

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    DGP Tenders Informati

    Organization Name

    Directorate General Procurement (Army)

    Address DGP Army near 502 Central Base Workshop EME Adyala Road
    City Rawalpindi
    Tel No. 051-9281089
    Fax No. 051-9280909
    Receipt No 168435
    Tender No 21-0879-4-0 (FOR)
    Description See more detail in attach file, please.
    Remarks See more detail in attach file, please.
    Advertisement Date 14/11/2022
    Closing Date 29/11/2022
    Closing Time 11:00:00 AM
    Opening Time 11:30:00 AM
    Tender Documents View Document
    Estimated Cost Not Known
    Tender Nature National
    Earnest Money Not Known
    Bid Validity Not Known
    Bid/Tender Document Cost
    Remarks See more detail in attach file, please.




    1. Sealed tenders are invited from reputed firms possessing NTN Certificates for supply of under mentioned items. Procurement will be carried out in the light of PPRA rules:-

    Ser    Tender No        Nomenclature          A/U           Qty          Delivery         Last date of          Date and time of Tender                                                                                                      (T/Kgs)       Period           Collection of         Submission     |   Opening                                                                                                                                                   Tender                                                                                                                                                                                                              documents                                                                    a.     21-0879-4-0         Sugar NZ-I            T/Kgs      3180        5 Jan 23 to      24 Nov 2022       29 Nov 2022       29 Nov 2022                                            Sugar NZ-II                            3890          5 May 23                                      at 1100 hrs            at 1130 hrs

    2.        Tender documents and specifications can be obtained from DGP (Army) on production of following:-

    a. Photocopy of Registration Certificate issued by Directorate General Defense Purchase (DGDP).

    b. Attested copy of Registration certificate issued by Sales Tax Department, copy of NTN certificate.

    c. Proof of Godown.

    d. Undertaking for adequate financial capability to the value of tender.

    e. Attested Bank Statement for last one year.

    f. Attested copy of CNIC of MD.

    g. Trade link between firm and OEM.

    h. Certificate that firm is neither defaulter nor blacklisted by any Govt Org directly or indirectly.

    i. Detail of works experience with Govt / Semi Govt Org.

    j. Detail of property / assets moveable / immoveable. k. Other than Registered /indexed non-manufacturing firms               /Agents, interested firms must provide justifiable proof /certificate of manufacturing or verifiable certificate of                     original manufacturer or agency agreement. I. Original Challan Form No. 32-A for Rs. 200/- registered/un-                           registered respectively duly deposited into Government Treasury in favour of CMA (DP) Rawalpindi debit able to                 (Major Head C-02501-20, Main Head-12,Sub Head – A, Miscellaneous (Code Head 1/845/30) .

    3. All firms (Registered/Un-Registered) will provide Bid Security 5% (Upper limit Rs. 1.0 Million) alongwith their offer.
    4. Validity of Offer.      120 days from date of opening of commercial offer.

    5. Performance Bank Guarantee.     10% of the contract value within 30 days of signing of contract.

    6. Detailed terms and conditions are mentioned in the tender documents.

    7. Tender will be opened in the tender room of DGP (Army) in the presence of firm’s representative.

    For Further Details Contact

    Phone: 051-9280270, 051-9281236 & Fax No. 051-9280909

    Tender is also available at

    PPRA Website:

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